On a serious note….

This month and the next few months have so many special and important things coming for us.  I’ll be honest, I don’t attend church but occasionally but I do consider myself blessed and thankful to God for those in my life.

We have lived in our small home for over 5 years now and as foster parents it has seen so many little ones come and go.  It’s cozy and warm.  It’s my little fixer upper I guess you could say.  With that being said we will finally be purchasing this home of ours at the end of the month.  I have worried for years that we would never get to this point but we have!

On another note, I mentioned the foster parenting above.  Well, in the next month or so we will be signing our intent to adopt on our three littles with adoption happening in the months after.  In our small town it shouldn’t take that long (hopefully).  It makes me reminisce about the day I brought them home to THIS home and at that time I was in a very high pressure college program completing my degree but I could not say no.  I didn’t have class that day so I went and picked them up from DCBS, brought them home, and here I sat with a 4-month-old, 14-month-old, and a 4-year-old.  As I looked around my living room that had never been so cluttered with the baby things that I had purchased the night before, I thought to myself “what have I gotten myself into?”.  The four year old already calling me mommy which I tried and tried to correct but to no success, the super quiet infant, and the wild toddler running around.  The two oldest were like they had been let out for the first time in their lives.  I knew I was in for it.  For the longest time it was chaos.  I tried everything that I could think of to obtain some sort of structure and routines.  I tried visual charts showing the oldest what happened every step of the day, reward charts due to severe tantrums, parenting books which some were pretty awesome, therapists, and everything else I could do to help mainly the struggling 4-year-old.

We worked and worked in every way possible to help her and it was so worth it.  Now, I note in this that I am looking back after having them for two years.  Were there times that I wanted to throw the towel in?  Absolutely.  Did I threaten it often? Yup.  But now I thank God that I didn’t, she is excelling in kindergarten, doing great at home and daycare after school.  We talk to her about things she needs to talk about.  I make sure that she knows that she will forever have two mommies and two daddies, I would never try to replace them no matter what the circumstances.

We will always have our struggles in life, nothing is perfect.  I have had so many children, even my own with troubles and struggles but if I could say anything to a mom or dad struggling today is hang in there, find that person to vent to, get a village (it takes a village to raise a child ya know), do whatever you need to do but know this, there is an end in sight and a child that loves you and that means more than anything in this entire world.

Fostering isn’t easy, parenting isn’t easy, heck this life and world today isn’t easy but we can make it together.  Never be ashamed to ask for help!  Lord knows I have often over the years.


A mother, a wife, and many other titles trying to survive my crazy life. Between work, kids and everything else that comes along with being all of these titles I'm barely keeping up but I do it!

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