Laughter is the best medicine, even if it is a squeak

You know that saying God never gives you more than you can handle?  Well lol, I’m not so sure. 

Sometimes I feel like I am just barely getting it done.  Kind of like when you’re in college and youhave a million assignments due so you half ass it just to get it all done andhope for a C or above.   Well that’s me…  Matching socks has become a past time in thishousehold but good thing it’s back in style, right? Ha!  Running out of paper plates in my house islike a national emergency to me.  Puttingclothes away, hell I’d rather go to the dentist LOL. 

Don’t get me started on taking care of yourself.  When you pick the kids up, feed them, bathethem, get them ready for bed, and stuff out for the next day…. Who has time forbathing themselves LOL?  By that time, I’mfalling over.  I mean sure I could bewashing those stupid dishes or hanging up that insane amount of laundry but isit more important than me sitting on the couch having my ME time?  Absolutely not!  I’m selfish that way. 

So, after I fall over from exhaustion I wake up and do it allover again.  Ever seen the circus? That’swhat my morning looks like, that is if all of the monkeys got loose and were torturingthe crowd.  I have a game plan most ofthe time and a routine if you can even call it that lol.  I wake up LATE, yell at everyone to hurryhurry hurry!!!  Picture sloths here.  I get the older kids ready by throwingclothes at them and yelling some more. Then get the 3-year-old ready because she doesn’t run around after likea crazed animal like the two-year-old does. Then this folks is when the fun starts, the two-year-old.  He’s like a Tasmanian devil lol.  Literally have to hold onto him throughoutthe process of diapering, dressing, and cleaning him up because somehow afterhis bath last night he looks like a someone who had been washed and hung up to dry.  Oh, and he has a whole new routine, when wego to brush his hair he now needs hair spray and then deodorant put on, he’s two!  But he has to smell good for the girls atdaycare I guess?

I cart them all to daycare dragging the two-year-old to the truck,taking the blankie away from the thumb sucking three-year-old and thenlistening to her cry the whole way to the vehicle.  And it never fails, EVER, that in the 10minute drive to daycare the two-year-old sheds his socks and shoes.   So, thenI have to repeat that process when I get to daycare which I sometimes show upto in my pajamas because let’s face it what’s more important a tardy or adressed mom?  Those tardy officers willget you!  I choose jammies.  So yes, I am that mother.  As all of the other moms are walking into daycareall dressed up in heals and plastered on makeup, I look like I am homeless.  But you know what is important here?  My kids are there, they made it to their destinations,are clothed, and loved.  Loved enoughthat I no longer care about my appearance lol. I mean really who am I trying to impress?  Not a single freaking person. 

So, now that I have told you my amazing routine, imagine that WITHOUT a voice.  Just think about it for a second.  Yelling orders at kids, impossible.  And don’t forget the fact that you really overslept good this time because the cough syrup you took the night before knocked you on your ass.  I sounded like a damn mouse squeaking this morning at my kids.  They LAUGHED at me!  LAUGHED!!!  Then upon arrival at daycare as I was handing my shoeless and sockless two-year-old to his favorite worker, she LAUGHED at me!! LOL.  Well when I got back into the truck to drive back home, wearing actual clothes I might add, I laughed.  Laughed at myself the whole way home.  Sure, it was a squeak instead of my actual laugh but I laughed LOL. 

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A mother, a wife, and many other titles trying to survive my crazy life. Between work, kids and everything else that comes along with being all of these titles I'm barely keeping up but I do it!

17 thoughts on “Laughter is the best medicine, even if it is a squeak

  1. I remember once when I drove my kids to school wearing a pair of old overalls stuffed on top of my pajamas. And of course that was the morning that my daughter told me I needed to come inside and sign some paperwork for an upcoming field trip. Which I did, but which meant that I was NEVER going to be one of those moms who came to school with perfect nails, beautiful clothes and high heels…..

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  2. This was too funny!
    Ugh, sometimes it’s best to laugh because it’s too hard to even cry – with frustration.
    But at least we get it done. You know?! Things get done, no matter how hard it was, and the kids are fed! Win, win! 😊🙌🏽
    And paper plates, dear Lord, we can’t go without them in this home!
    We’re a large family too, and we can go through dishes like nobodies business. And Lord knows I’m not washing, so paper plates it is! 😊🙌🏽 No shame.

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      1. Yup, looks like our grocery list too! The never ending need for paper towels, toilet paper, diapers and wipes. Ugh! We have two in diapers and there are wipes in just about every room. And I still reach for them in case something needs to be wiped cleaned ASAP. 😏😆


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